Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Party Rangers are a Roanoke based dance and entertainment group. The group, the Power Rangers, was formed in 2010 by Gabe Burgess, Lucas Fitz, Justin Holland, Mark Crotts, and Josh Brammer as a video production team specializing in directing and producing short movies. As time went on the group stumbled into dancing and began to excel adding two new members Kerron Tisdale and Rashad Ramey, forming the original seven Rangers. The group has then since transformed even more with new members Chris Woody and Sydney Dobyns! To avoid confusion Power was dropped and Party took its place representing the members love to entertain local party goers. As time went on and videos became Facebook hits the group expanded to include more styles of dance, as well as musicians, and actors to become the conglomeration it is now. The Party Rangers main goal is to entertain, to do this the group uses video and music production while performing in new and innovative ways. The Party Rangers use their dance abilities to tell stories by molding different dance styles like breaking, popping, and new style hip-hop, and putting them to unconventional music such as dubstep and instrumentals, to classical and orchestral. 

Here are some of the different team line-ups


  1. My girls and I enjoyed seeing y'all in the park today! I am the one with the mini ballerina!

  2. Party Rangers are awesome . The best bboy crew around. -br